Friday, December 1, 2017


Right to trivia. One difficult, the other not so much???

#1 – Who caught Tom Brady’s first ever touchdown pass in the NFL?

#2 – If USC beats Stanford tonight they will become the first team to beat them twice in one season since when (and who beat them)? 

Lorenzo Ball. He has to be the greatest pick that Danny Ainge never made. The luggage that goes with him is far too great. 

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has upheld rulings in favor of the truck manufacturer and the maker of a piece of truck equipment in a wrongful death suit filed by the widow of Northboro pitching star Mark Fidrych. The 1976 American League Rookie of the Year was found dead underneath his 10-wheel dump truck on his 107 acre farm in Northboro in April 2009. The medical examiner ruled that Mr. Fidrych, 54, died of asphyxiation when his clothing became entangled in a spinning component of the vehicle’s undercarriage while he was underneath, working on the truck. His widow had sought $5 million apiece from Mack Trucks and from the maker of the truck component before filing suit in Worchester Superior Court in 2012. 

Of the 12 pitchers to throw more than 40 innings for the Red Sox in 2017, only one of them, reliever Matt Barnes, was homegrown. The Red Sox haven’t drafted and developed a starting pitcher that stuck in the rotation since Clay Bucholtz, who was drafted in 2005. There have been 12 drafts since then, and the Sox have yet to develop a starter in any of them. 

I shouldn’t laugh but… A police office taunted a Jacksonville man who shot him several times last year by taking out a tube of K-Y Jelly personal lubricant in court Wednesday and saying, “You are going to need a lot of this,” local reports said. 

Ah, social media. Danni Messina, 19 and a student at Washington State University, was feeling charitable during the Thanksgiving holiday. She posted a tweet that she was donating to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and would give $.25 for every “favorite” and $.50 for every retweet. Cute. The problem is that the tweet went viral and she owes over $200,000. 

Brett Favre won 26 games against the Detroit Lions during his career. A win on Sunday would give Tom Brady 27 against the Bills, most all-time by a starting quarterback against a single opponent. 

First class is there to remind you that you are not in first class. 

If you can’t say something good about someone, sit right here by me. 

The Celtics are 5-4 when Marcus Smart shoots >30% and 11-1 when he shoots <= 30%. (It was 11-0 until they won and he shot 33% last night) 

Quote of the week, in last night’s Dallas/Washington game, by the referee: “False start. Everyone but the center…” 

Speaking of football, here’s a suggestion. If a team is backed up to their goal line, say the 1/2 yard line, and they get flagged for a penalty – half the distance. What, a few inches? Make is a loss of down. 

I saw a headline for the “Weirdest Health Stories of 2017.” Of course, I followed along. I’ll note just one of those stories. Doctors in China removed 30 inches of a 22-year old’s colon after his belly had swelled past the size that would normally be seen in a full-term pregnant woman. They discovered 29 pounds of feces within the colon, after learning that the man had been constipated since birth. Hirshsprung disease is a birth defect that occurs in about 1 in every 5,000 births per year, and leaves patients with no nerve cells within the wall of their colon. “Read full article here” – it said. Ahhhh no. I’m good, thanks. 

R.I.P. – One week late, Malcolm Young (64). Though brother Angus was/is far more popular in the rock ‘n roll world, it was said that Malcolm was the heart and soul of AC/DC. DYK, AC/DC’s album Back in Black is the 2ndhighest selling rock album behind Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. 

Trivia #1: The easier one – Terry Glenn (R.I.P.) – drafted in 1996 and help lead the Pats to the Super Bowl that year.

Trivia #2: Tough and a little tricky. The last time Stanford lost twice to the same team in one season was in 1913. They lost to the New Zealand All-Blacks. Back then Stanford’s football team was also a rugby team. 

“Oh, what a night

Late December, back in ‘63

What a very special time for me

As I remember, what a night”

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