Friday, November 17, 2017


Say what? Headline: Sick Ohio death row inmate will get pillow to help him breathe during execution.
Follow-up to that headline. They finally started the execution but, because of health reasons, they couldn’t find a usable vein and called it off. What?!

Trivia #1: How many players are on the field for each team during a regulation hurling match?

Trivia #2: The ball used in hurling is called a what? Globule, sliotar, spherule, ovoid, slug, bulb or bullet? 

You know how the catcher often looks up at the batter when he gives signals to the pitcher as if the batter is trying to steal the sign? Have you ever actually seen a batter looking down trying to steal a sign? 

I really don’t like the sports’ term – Length. “The guy has great length.” Please. Save that one for the porn industry. 

I don’t really mind the winters in New England. It’s these rainy, 40-degree days that sometimes get to me. 

I have a feeling that the Patriots (and the NFL) want to showcase players like Gronk when they play outside the States. Look out Mexico! 

The Celtics streak is at 14 after last night’s won over the Champion Golden State Warriors. That’s awesome but relax folks, it’s November. 

For those who haven’t been there in a while, you can still get a $3 Pabst or a $3 ‘Gansett at Sully’s. Tall-boys, of course. 

The 2018 Winter Olympics take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea from Feb. 9 thru Feb. 25. That, to me, is a scary thought to have all of those countries represented in a single area so close to Rocket Man. 

Casual Day at Buckingham Palace? Surprising. Funny commercial. 

A local sports radio station the other morning announced that the AL CY Young award went to Corey Kluber and that Chris Sale finished second, not even mentioning the NL CY Young award winner. Now I already knew it was won by Max Scherzer but come on. It’s not all about the AL. 

On Opening Day, 1961 the White Sox’ Manuel “Jungle Jim” Rivera asked John F Kennedy for his autograph. After looking at the signature, Rivera allegedly said, “What kind of garbage is that Harvard where they don’t even teach you how to write? Do you think I can go into any tavern on Chicago’s south side and really say the President of the United States signed this baseball for me? I’d be run off!” 

R.I.P. Donny Shea (55) and Gary D’Orazio (53) – two more youngsters before their time

R.I.P. (Well, not exactly) – Mike & Mike – the ESPN morning radio program of 18 years. Mike Greenberg is moving on to his own TV show while Mike Golic will continue with the show along with Trey Wingo and apparent frequent guest Mike Golic Jr. Mike & Mike were good together. I hope the show continues to be as good. I often flip over to it during my 12-20 minute commute to work. 

Trivia answer #1: 15

Trivia answer #2: A hurling ball is called a ‘sliotar’ 

“I’m singing this note ‘cause it fits in well

With the chords I’m playing

I can’t pretend there’s any meaning here

Or in the things I’m saying

But I’m in tune

Right in tune

I’m in tune

And I’m gonna tune, right in on you!”

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