Friday, Apr. 21, 2017

Briefly. (long week)

Trivia #1: What team did Babe Ruth play for before the Boston Red Sox? New York Yankees Baltimore Orioles, Boston Braves, Cincinnati Reds

Trivia #2: Which Oriole was MVP of the American League in 1970? Bob Gibson, Willie McCovey, Orlando Cepeda, Boog Powell

From 2000 through 2009 Adam Dunn struck out 1,433 times. In 2008 he was hurt and only played in 44 games!

Funny that if you say something sucks or say something blows, you are saying the same thing.

Jerry Remy has never been through Cooperstown. Really. He has been to Cooperstown, but never through the museum. I find that difficult to understand.

Mookie Betts has not struck out in something like 130 at bats. But DYK, he only struck out 14 times in high school! Just once as a junior and 4 times as a senior.

What a guy! A Utah Dad is receiving online praise for his reaction to his daughter’s bathroom accident. Last Friday, Ben Sowards showed up to collect his 6-year old crying daughter with his own wet pants. He told the news outlet that he was heartbroken after hearing his daughter Valerie’s embarrassment, and splashed some water on his pants before leaving the house. He reportedly arrived at the school’s front office and asked Valerie if he could borrow her backpack to cover up his own “accident.” Valeri’s older sister, Lucinda, was on hand to capture the moment and shred it on Twitter, where it quickly went viral.

So the Patriots visited the White House the other day. Some attended, some did not. If you think you need to know any more than that, for any reason, I think you’re wrong.

I think/hope the Celtics are seeing that, while Isaiah is a great scorer, that might be it. They are not going to win with him running the show.

The Bruins will win two games in this series and create hope for some, only to be let down…

The Patriots play Miami twice in three weeks. Strange.

Quote of the week: “I want the ball ten times out of nine in that situation.” – Chris Sale

Craig Kimbrel, after blowing the save yesterday, pitched a full two innings for the win. He didn’t pitch two full innings in one game all of last season.

Does Russell Westbrook get the MVP because of his triple-double record(s)? He led the league in turnovers!!! Give me James Harden.

Aaron Hernandez. His family might care about his verdict being changed now that he is dead, but I certainly don’t care. No loss to society there. He’s dead. End of story.

Trivia answer #1: Baltimore Orioles

Trivia answer #2: Boog Powell

In all due respect to my boss:


“Every day when I get home from work

I feel so frustrated

The boss is a jerk

And I get my sticks and go out to the shed

And I pound on that drum like it was the boss’s head”


Good night everybody!

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