Mar 10, 2017


For nothing but pride, I am rooting for “Team USA” in the World Baseball Classic. But really, I don’t’ plan to watch any of it.

The toppling of more than 40 headstones in a predominantly Jewish cemetery was not part of a disturbing rise in anti-Semitic incidents nationwide, police say. Instead, the NYPD says the 42 headstones at Brooklyn’s Washington Cemetery fell down themselves because of a combination of factors, including neglect and soil erosion. The cemetery’s manager says that when a stone can’t be reset, they “lay them across the grave to keep them memorialized,” which a concerned community member apparently mistook for vandalism.

More on last week’s information regarding the Iditarod. Add sleep to the already lengthy list of hazards in the race. One dog team arrived at a checkpoint without a musher! Linwood Fiedler (I did not make up that name) a race veteran, arrived at the checkpoint about an hour later after falling asleep and toppling off his sled. “From the minute my body left the sled until my face smashed into the snow, I was still asleep!”

Trivia: Minimum 2,000 games played, the highest career OPS+ (adjusted On-base Plus Slugging percentage) is Babe Ruth, Ted Williams and Barry Bonds, 1 thru 3. Who is #4?

I have yet to sit in the Green Monster seats.

Last week I made mention of BFD that some Patriots were not going to the White House with the rest of the team. Dan Shaunessey had a piece in Monday’s Globe about the ’84 Celtics and the fact that Bird and Max, amongst others, did not attend the White House visit. It was certainly no big deal back then and was barely mentioned. Funny end to the article where Max mentioned he was getting married a week later and had to get his marriage license the day of the visit. Max, now divorced, states “Looking back, I should have gone. It would have saved me some money.”

Headline of the Week: “Lawyer’s Pants Catch Fire During Arson Trial”. Maybe it’s me but the phrase; “Liar, liar, pants on fire” comes to mind. (my apologies to the attorneys out there)

Industry tracker Beverage Marketing Corp. Thursday announced that bottled water surpassed carbonated soft-drinks in 2016 to become the largest beverage category by volume, capping what is described as a “remarkable , decades-long streak of vicious growth.” The change at the top has been long anticipated with soda’s woes mounting in recent years as a result of health concerns and consistent targeting by activist groups, which have pushed measures like taxes on sugary drinks. On a per capita basis, bottled water consumption exceeded 39 gallons compared with 38.5 gallons for soda. Carbonated soft-drink per capita consumption exceeded 50 gallons as recently as 2006. You are correct in that the data was not made available by the Garibaldi Liguria Club.

Back to Tim Tebow (from many weeks ago). I like him but I’m not rooting for him any longer. Hang it up and get a job/life doing something you are good at, like being a good guy.

The word “tattoo” actually comes from the Dutch colloquialism “tap toe”, which can be translated as “turn off the tap,” though it is most often used to mean something like “Shut up! Cease!” The Dutch began using the wordtaptoe for a drum beat, and then English speakers borrowed the term (changing it slightly, to taptoo and, eventually, to tattoo). It was used especially by the military to name a drum beat (or possibly a bugle call) that signaled the day’s end. This taptoo most likely led to our taps, a term for the final bugle call at night in the military.

“When you go to the ballpark, you are entitled to the smell of freshly cut grass.” – Former White Sox owner Bill Veeck

RadioShack has filed for bankruptcy for the second time in two years. In a statement, RadioShack President and Chief Executive Officer Dene Rogers said since the company’s bankruptcy filing in 2015, the retailer had made good progress in stabilizing operations, including reducing expenses by 23 percent. Hey Dene, running a business, you’re not good at it!

Trivia answer: Lou Gehrig

“It’s getting late have you seen my mates

Ma tell me when the boys get here

It’s seven (three) o’clock and I want to rock

Want to get a belly full of beer.”

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