Friday, Mar 3, 2017


Back in the day when I played softball it always bothered me (I mean genuinely pissed me off) when players for other teams would root for one another by yelling “Come on 8, we need you up there 8!”, never using other players’ names but their numbers instead. Drove me nuts!

Having said that, the #41 car won the Daytona 500. In related news, TB12 was seen naked on the beach, Jackie Bradley Jr. is wearing #19 this season and #4 for the Celtics is second in the NBA in scoring.

Trivia: How many times have Red Sox pitchers won the Cy Young award?

You have to admit, the B’s effort has picked up since Butch Cassidy rode into town. Nice to see.

I tried clapping like Nicole Kidman and I physically can’t. I think she is a contortionist.

I read an article by some guy talking about the changes MLB is experimenting with. He had his own suggestion to take away both the NL pitchers batting and the DH. Yelp, 8 batters per team. Idiot! For the record, and I’ve changed colors over the years, I say add the DH in the NL. It shouldn’t be different in each league and I don’t want to see the AL pitchers batting and running the bases, should they get on base in the first place.

Opening Day is one month from today!

Avery Bradley – welcome back!

Speaking of JBJ, he has 5 reasons for changing his jersey number from 25 to 19 this season. Koji Uehara had #19 but he went up and went to the Cubbies. First, JBJ’s birthday is April 19. Second, his mother was in labor for 19 hours before he was born following dangerous complications for both of them. Third, he can’t wear #42 to honor Jackie Robinson so he commemorates the Hall of Famer with #19 because he was born in 1919. Fourth, He wore #19 at his alma mater South Carolina. And fifth, Freddie Lynn, longtime Red Sox centerfielder who Jackie considers a friend and mentor, also wore #19.

From the category of “Sometimes you don’t have to teach integrity” – The Catholic Youth Organization league recently notified officials at St. John’s in Clark, New Jersey, that their fifth-grade team should never have been coed and that their girls wouldn’t be permitted to finish the season. The team’s lineup has been coed for the past four years because there weren’t enough interested girls among the same age group to form their own team. There are two girls on the team. The St. John’s squad unanimously decided not to take the court without their full team in a vote a couple of weeks ago taken before a game scheduled against Scotch Plains’ St. Bartholomew the Apostle. Their coach said he was not making the decision on whether to play for his 11 10-years olds so, tasked with making the call themselves, chants of “Unity” broke out as the team instead opted to end the season.

Yes, the Celtics beat the Cavs the other night. Relax, please.

Chris Long. Thanks and “C-ya!”

Bonnie and Clyde appear to be off the hook after the most shocking moment in Oscars history – that saw La La Land announced as Best Picture, only for Moonlight to be declared the real winner when the former film’s producers had almost finished their speeches. Accounting fiorm PwC, which oversees the ballot-counting, says Warren Beatty and Fay Dunaway were handed the wrong category envelope. PwC has since been fired – at least I thought I saw that…

Brock Holt wore #2 when he was with the Pirates and came over to the Red Sox in 2012. Jacoby Ellsbury was wearing #2 at the time and Holt was given #26 when he jumped to the big league team in 2013. He was then called during the postseason and told that the Sox were retiring Wade Boggs #26 and he needed to find a new number. He chose #12 as a tribute to former teammate and friend Mike Napoli, who had just left for free agency. He shot Nap a text when he made his decision, which turned into a funny exchange because Napoli had just picked a new number of his own after signing with the Cleveland Indians: No. 26.

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race gathers 73 teams of mushers and sled dogs in Anchorage, Alaska, to pay tributre to Alaska’s history and the role that the sled dog played in it. The 45thrace will have its ceremonial start in anchorage on March 4. From there, the teams will travel about 350 miles north of Fairbanks where the official race will begin on March 6. This is only the third time in history that the restart has been moved from Willow to Fairbanks due to poor conditions in the Alaska Range. Temperatures on Monday in Fairbanks will hit a high of 20 degrees F for the restart with a low of minus 8 F. These temperatures are in line with the daily normal. The mushers will travel about 980 miles from anchorage to Nome, Alaska. DYK, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race has a long, little-known history? The Iditarod Trail actually began as a mail and supply route from coastal towns to mining camps and inland communities. In 1925, mushers and their team of dogs were monumental in delivering serum to Nome, which was experiencing a diphtheria epidemic. Joe Redington, the ‘Father of the Iditarod,’ dreamed up the race in order to bring back the sled dog to Alaska and ultimately get the Iditarod Trail declared as a National Historic Trail. Dallas Seavey has won 4 of the last 5 races while his father, Mitch, won in 2013. I would guess the Seaveys are the favorites this year???

Clay Buchholz allowed two hits (both singles) and a walk over two innings against Baltimore the other day. Just sayin’.

Trivia answer: 7 – Jim Longborg(1), Roger Clemens(3), Pedro Martinez(2), Rick Porcello(1 

“Against the wind

I’m still runnin’ against the wind

I’m older now but still runnin’

Against the wind”

Good night everybody! 

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