Friday, March 10, 2023


I planned to work out and have a nice body for people to look at this summer, and then I remembered that I like food more than I like people.

Trivia #1: Who was the only U.S. President to apply for a patent? Bonus: For what was the patent for?
Trivia #2: What does PFP stand for with respect to baseball?
Trivia #3: Who is Michael James Gubitosi?

It’s a long way to the top (if you want to Rock ‘N Roll)

On this day: March 10, 1876: during the first ever telephone call, Alexander Graham Bell says “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you” to his assistant Thomas Watson.
March 10, 2003: AC/DC is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Go away: Kendrick Perkins

This week’s sign of the apocalypse: USA Powerlifting was ordered to allow transgender women to compete with biological females in the women’s division after losing a discrimination case. Powerlifting, man!

Marymount University’s board of trustees drove the final nail in the coffin for nine majors and one graduate program on Feb. 24, when it unanimously voted 20-0 in support of the plan to end the degrees. The plan will cut bachelor’s degrees in theology and religious studies, philosophy, mathematics, art, history, sociology, English, economics and secondary education, as well as a master’s program in English and humanities. Students are still required to study the subjects as part of the school’s core program but are no longer able to select such areas of study as majors. (What??)

The Merrimack College men’s basketball team won the regular-season Northeast Conference championship and then defeated Fairleigh Dickinson in the conference tournament. Next up? The offseason. Merrimack has fallen victim to the NCAA’s transition rule that has a four-year transition rule for team’s jumping from D2 to D1. My only guess is that this has something to do with a D2 school having a stud freshmen class and being forced to wait until that class has graduated?? All I know is that my alma mater got screwed as they sit and Fairleigh Dickinson advances.

Speaking of which, the Babson women’s basketball team advanced to the Sweet 16 of the Division 3 NCAA basketball tournament for the first time since 2017. Go Beavers!

To infinity… and beyond!

Communicating with the dead. You’re doing it wrong. Twenty-eight schoolgirls were hospitalized with anxiety attacks after allegedly playing with Ouija boards at the Galeras Educational Institution in Columbia. The girls reportedly suffered signs of fainting, anxiety and other symptoms.

Stop complaining. Nearly a quarter million Floridians are being warned to avoid washing their face with tap water after a man died from a brain-eating amoeba. The advice, which applies to the nearly 200,000 residents of Charlotte County, comes after a county resident died on February 20.

Article I’ll skip: 3 teams reportedly likely to pursue quarterback Jimmy Garappolo.

Apologizing, not enough: Mexican cartel ‘apologizes’ for kidnapping and brutal murders of Americans.

In shocking NHL news, the Bruins lost last night for the first time since February 11.

The Celtics have lost three in a row.

Good news: 98-year-old matriarch met with her great-great-great-granddaughter for the first time. The pair were joined by MaeDell Hawkins’ daughter, Frances Snow; her granddaughter, Gracie Snow Howell; her great-granddaughter Jacqueline Ledford; and her great-great-granddaughter Jaisline Wilson.

Useless information supposed to fire my imagination: The Red Sox remain undefeated. Now, everyone knows this is a useless record and many people remind me of that. But whoa, imagine if they were winless? Red Sox Nation would be in a tizzy.

Speaking of baseball, small sample size, I know. However, balls hit by left-handed batters to right field are hits as opposed to outs 15% more than last year. The shift is on gone.

R.I.P. Robert Perryman (58) – After graduating from the University of Michigan, Perryman played in the NFL for the Patriots, Cowboys and Broncos. After football, Perryman worked for the United Way, as a probation officer, and he coached youth, high school and college football teams.
R.I.P. Robert Blake (89) – Child actor in “The Little Rascals” and various others roles most notably “Baretta.” Before being acquitted for killing his wife, he was praised for his portrayal of real-life murderer Perry Smith in the movie of Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood.” Go figure.

Trivia #1 answer: Who was the only U.S. President to apply for a patent? For what was the patent for? – In 1849, Abraham applied for a patent for a device to lift a boat over shoals and obstructions
Trivia #2 answer: What does PFP stand for with respect to baseball? – Pitchers’ fielding practice
Trivia #3 answer: Who is Michael James Gubitosi? – Robert Blake

The white snow is so beautiful. I love to watch it melt.

Be careful out there. (It’s a jungle!)

Happy International Bagpipes Day.

“Sounds of the drums
Beating in my heart
The thunder of guns
Tore me apart

You’ve been – thunderstruck”


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