Friday, June 17, 2022


I just got 30 minutes of cardio trying to pick up an ice cube from the kitchen floor.

Trivia #1: What does “LIV” (the newly formed Saudi-backed golf league) stand for?
Trivia #2: The first U.S. Open (golf) was played when, how many holes and how many days?

It was Black Thursday in New England yesterday (Sox/Celtics). Oh well.

OK, one final time (until next season). I hate the NBA game. While I’m at it, I hate the “Euro Step/Move” and even hate the reference to it. (I know, a lot of hate there. Let me be)

What happens on the mile, stays on the mile.

Charles Schwartzel won the inaugural LIV Golf Invitational and took home a whopping $4.75 million!

My heart goes out to the residents of Odessa, TX who had either no water this past week or very low water pressure. As a result, a “boil water advisory” was put into place. Did I mention that the temperatures there were as high as 105 degrees in Odessa?

Sticking to the heat, a 67-old man was found dead in 123-degree heat in Death Valley. A note found on his car a couple miles away read “out of gas.” Sad

Article I’ll skip: Why ‘Bachelorette’ star left life in California for the Lone Star state. (can’t say I’ve ever watched that program)
Article I’ll skip, part deux: Ozzy Osbourne gives update on his health after ‘major’ surgery. (Now, if you know me, you know I am a big Ozzy/Black Sabbath fan. Still, I don’t need an update on Ozzy’s health)

In case you didn’t hear, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was called out on a rule he didn’t know. You can’t bring a position player in to pitch unless your team is down by 5 or more runs. What? So, one of the greatest players of his time, Shohei Otani of the Angels, can’t be brought in to close out a critical 1-run playoff game? Silly rule. (Editor’s note: The Angels suck and likely won’t make the playoffs, but… you get my point)

Trivia #2 hint: You ain’t getting’ no stinkin’ hint!

The Giants, Yankees, Rangers, Knicks, Mets and Jets have gone 3,785 days, or 10 years/131 days without a championship. It is New York’s largest championship drought in the last 100 years.

Gas prices are so high I saw Sammy Haggar driving 55.

This week’s sign of the apocalypse: Shelter Hope Pet Shop in Thousand Oaks, CA will not let you adopt a pet if you are a pro-gun supporter.
This week’s sign of the apocalypse, part deux: NYC cancels swim classes amid lifeguard shortage nationwide.

Headline of the week: 5 Teens Injured in Gunfire at Park After Anti-Gun Violence Rally

R.I.P. Shelby Scott (86) – Former WBZ-TV news anchor, Shelby was half of the nation’s first all-female anchor team with Gail Harris in 1977. She became legendary for storm coverage, prompting the Boston Globe to jokingly measure snowfall in “Shelbys” instead of feet.

How am I supposed to know how to act my age? I’ve never been this old before.

Trivia #1 answer: What does “LIV” (the newly formed Saudi-backed golf league) stand for? – It is the Roman numeral ‘54’ which is how many holes each golfer will play in LIV tournaments, as opposed to the standard 72 holes in PGA tournaments.
Trivia #2 answer: The first U.S. Open (golf) was played when, how many holes and how many days? – October 4, 1895, 36 holes played in one day.

Be careful out there. (It’s a jungle!)

Happy National Eat Your Vegetables Day!

“Go down, Miss Moses, there’s nothin’ you can say
It’s just old Luke and Luke’s waitin’ on the Judgment Day
“Well, Luke, my friend, what about young Anna Lee?”
He said, “Do me a favor, son, won’t you stay and keep Anna Lee company?”

Take a load off Fanny
Take a load for free
Take a load off Fanny
And (and, and) you put the load right on me
(You put the load right on me)”

– The Band

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