friday, october 8, 2021

Briefly. (Travel day)

A recent study has found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than the men who mention it.

Trivia #1: Who is nicknamed “La Pina?”
Trivia #2: What news station launched 25 years ago yesterday?
Trivia #3: How many players on this year’s ALDS Red Sox roster appeared in a game for the Red Sox in the 2018 ALDS?

Did you watch the LA Rams vs. the Seattle Shreks last night? I mean, what was with those uniforms?!

What a week for our Boston Red Sox. First, an incredible 9th-inning, come-from-behind win over the Washington Nats to earn the top AL Wild Card spot. Then, on Tuesday, a truly satisfying win over the Yankees in the one-game, Wild Card playoff. They did lose game 1 to the Rays last night in the ALDS but there is still baseball to be played, something we wondered about just a week ago.

Speaking of the Patriots… what was billed as “The Return”, Tom Brady’s return to Foxboro, pretty much lived up to its hype. I mean, good game (19-17) muchly thanks to the rain which had an obvious effect on several of Brady’s throws. He got the better of the Patriots, just not in grand style. As for Patriot’s quarterback Mac Jones, there is hope!

Good news: Michigan police officer Kevin Coates pulled over 79-year-old “David” for speeding. The man was distraught and explained that his son is mentally ill and his wife is in bad health. He had bought her a new television but was having trouble hooking it up. After letting David go with the warning, Coates and two other officers showed up at David’s house just hours later and help get the TV setup. Nice.

Speaking of football, what an interesting game this past Monday in LA. First, the Chargers had moved from San Diego to LA while the visiting Raiders had moved from LA to Las Vegas. Guess what? The Raider fans didn’t get the memo about the move and flooded SoFi Stadium such that it was like a home game for the visitors. Then, the game was delayed due to lightning. Did I mention that SoFi Stadium is a dome?!

Article I’ll skip: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Christopher unveils his weight loss during outing with mom Maria Shriver.

Quote for the week: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” – Henry Ford

I like the Baker Mayfield commercials. Note to the producers, keep including his wife in those commercials. What a hottie!

This week’s sign of the apocalypse: Jeffery Burnham of Maryland killed his pharmacist brother because he thought he was “poisoning” people by administering COVID-19 vaccines.

So, all you Jimmy G(aroppolo) fans, and you know who you are, here we go again. You pissed and moaned when the Patriots traded him and “only” got a second round pick in return. Garoppolo has now described his latest “injury” a calf contusion/sprain as a freak injury. Again, the guy just cannot stay on the field. Good trade.

Trivia #1 answer: Who is nicknamed “La Pina?” – The Houston Astros’ “Yulieski ‘Yuli’ Gurriel Castillo, who had a walkoff hit in Houston’s regular season finale, his only at-bat of the game, and he finished as the AL batting champ (.319). Gurriel is 37 years old.
Trivia #2 answer: What news station launched 25 years ago yesterday? – Fox News
Trivia #3: How many players on this year’s ALDS Red Sox roster appeared in a game for the Red Sox in the 2018 ALDS? – 8 – Chris Sale, Eduardo Rodriquez, Nate Eovaldi, Ryan Brasier, Xander Bogaerts, Rafi Devers, Christian Vasquez, J.D. Martinez

Be careful out there. (It’s a jungle!)

“Yes, I told you that light goes up and down.
Did you notice how the wheel goes ‘round?
And you better pick yourself up off the ground
Before they bring the curtain down.
Yes, before they bring the curtain down.”

– Cream

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