Friday, July 16, 2021

Briefly. (very, I’m on vacation)

I just ate what I thought was a feta cheese crumble from my salad off my shirt. Turns out it was deodorant. So, how’s your day going?

Trivia #1: What former National League player was once known as ‘Stretch’?
Trivia #2: What title is the song “Escape” often confused with?

Keep yourself alive.

This week’s sign of the apocalypse:

Money to burn. Jeff Bezos’ rocket company Blue Origin said the person, who remains anonymous, who bid $28 million, “has chosen to fly on a future mission due to scheduling conflicts.” Instead, 18-year-old Oliver Daeman steps up to fly with Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark Bezos and Wally Funk on the first crewed New Shepard suborbital flight launching July 20. Daemon will be the youngest person ever in space while Funk, 82, will be the oldest.

I know many people boycotted the MLB all-star game the other night, and I totally understand, but bear with me here. “Leading off, the designated hitter and starting pitcher…” – The Angels’ Shohei Ohtoni respectably competed in the Home Run Derby the night before the game and retired the first three NL batters while hitting 100 mph on the radar gun. ‘Nuf said.

Why don’t electric eels get electrocuted in the water?

I love the reference To Al Horford, former Boston Celtic now reunited with the Green – ‘Average Al.’

If a woman says ‘do what you want’, do not do what you want. Stand still, do not blink, do not answer, don’t even breathe, just play dead.

How do you feel about college athletes getting paid? I think it’s wrong on many levels. Most of what I’m reading is that the kids will be selling themselves, mostly on social media. This will be done by each athlete either personally or by an agent or representative. I don’t like how that sounds.

Trivia #1 hint: He was also known as “Big Mac?”

So if a cow doesn’t produce milk, is it a Milk Dud or an Udder Failure?

That one was terrible, huh?

I am admittedly a homer, but so what. I love this Sox team and they will be in the playoffs and win at least one playoff series. World Championship??? Just believe!

Trivia #1 answer: What former National League player was once known as ‘Stretch’? – Willie McCovey
Trivia #2 answer: What title is the song “Escape” often confused with? – The Pina Colada Song (by Rupert Holmes)

Be careful out there.       

“It doesn’t matter what route you take
Sooner or later the hearts going to break
No rhyme or reason, no master plan
No Nirvana, no promised land

Because, precious time is slipping away
You know you’re only king for a day
It doesn’t matter to which God you pray
Precious time is slipping away”

– Van Morrison

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