Friday, December 18, 2020


Seeing how some people wear their masks, I now understand how contraceptives fail.

Trivia #1: Was exactly is the “Power Five?”

Vanderbilt kicker Sarah Fuller’s career is over after the Vanderbilt/Georgia game was cancelled due to COVID-19 and will not be rescheduled. She became the first woman to score in a Power Five game, 2 pts last week vs. Tennessee.

Googling, you’re doing it wrong. In disgusting news, 29-year old Kirstie Flood is charged with two counts of murder , aggravated battery and first-degree cruelty to a child. Flood initially told police the child hit her head on a slide and didn’t wake up. Investigators later found searches on Flood’s cell phone that included “what type of people enjoy abusing other people’s children” and “what does it mean to have a sudden urge to beat a child that is not yours?”

Let’s move on from that one!

Good news: Twin 11-year old siblings in southern California are passing out candy canes during their neighborhood’s Christmas light show in hopes of raising enough money to buy presents for children whose families are suffering economic hardships during the coronavirus pandemic. The attraction draws thousands of visitors annually and the brother and sister duo are soliciting donations. Nice!

Quote for the week: “I do not mind lying, but I hate inaccuracy.” – Samuel Butler

Quote for the week part deux: “It (COVID-19 ordinance in San Diego) kind of says that restaurants can reopen, but the caveat here may be that someone has to be stripping, which seems so wild to me. If that’s what it takes for us to reopen – taking off our clothes – I’ll do it!” – Chad Cline, co-owner of the Waterfront Bar & Grill in San Diego, CA.

Santa has been reading your posts all year. Most of you are getting dictionaries.

The Celtics have their second, and last, preseason game tonight before opening next Wednesday against the Bucks. Let’s go!

Letter of the year. A 9-year old from Essex, U.K. wrote a letter to Father Christmas admitting “…I’ve tried hard to be good but miserably failed… I do deserve a coal, but please I’d like a present too. Actually more than one, here’s a list.” Her list of 12 items included Apple Airpods, a trip to France and a panda and penguin (not dead)!

I’m not saying I hate you but I would unplug your life support to charge my phone.

NFL stat of the week: Dallas Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliot leads the NFL with 19 rush attempts inside the 5-yard line. He has gained 2 yards on those carries.

Well, it happened again. 38-year old Australian Rosy Loomba fell to her death on Saturday while visiting Grampian National Park’s Boroka Lookout in Victoria with her husband and one of her children. Loomba climbed past safety barriers to pose on a rock for a photo when she tripped over the edge and plummeted about 262 feet down the cliff face.

Useless headline of the week: Movie star (Tom Cruise) leaves set, crew members quit after his wild COVID rants

This week’s sign of the apocalypse: The Sun Belt Conference has cancelled its championship game (football) over coronavirus with Coastal Carolina. (This actually encompasses many teams/games as Boston College was the first of several schools opting not to play in a bowl game this winter. Teams are dropping and games are being cancelled. This vaccine might be great and the word is it came out early, others say it’s a little late)

Trivia #1 answer: Was exactly is the “Power Five?” – The Power Five consists of the biggest and most popular athletic conferences – The Southeastern Conference, Atlantic Coast Conference, Big Ten Conference, Big 12 Conference, and Pac-12 Conference

Need to get rid of unwanted junk during the holidays? Put it in Amazon boxes and leave it on your front porch.

Be careful out there.

“Out of all the reindeers you know you’re the mastermind
Run run Rudolph, Randolph ain’t too far behind

Run, run Rudolf, Santa’s gotta make it to town
Santa, make him hurry, tell him he can take the freeway down
Run, run Rudolph ‘cause I’m rellin’ like a merry-go-round”

– Chuck Berry

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