Friday, June 14, 2019


Happy Penta Day! 

Sorry, no trivia. 

I wonder what happens when Mrs. Neely burns the toast? 

Roto-Rooter, that’s the name, and away go troubles (and your wallet) down the drain. 

Big Papi. I hope the truth comes out. Godspeed. 

Kyrie or no Kyrie, the Celtics cannot hang with either of the teams in the NBA Finals. There is much work to be done. 

Do you know what I like about Alexa? She does what she’s told! 

Tuesday’s 9-5 loss to the Rangers saw two ejections, an inside-the-park homerun and 8 walks and 15 K’s by Red Sox pitching. What a night! 

On average, 10 people will die in the United States a day as a result of drowning. 

Chris Sale has 7 quality starts this year without getting a ‘W’. He has not won a game at Fenway since July 11, 2018. 

If your biggest problem is having to change your schedule for the Sox game because your hockey team is playing game 7 in the Finals later that night, you’re doing OK.

For you puckheads who comment about the pussies in other sports nursing their injuries. I heard the same about Kevin Durant. The type of injury that doesn’t affect hockey players much because a completely different set of muscles are used when skating as opposed to running/jumping. Durant was out for an extended period of time with a calf injury. Pussy? He still came back too soon and as a result blew out his Achilles. 

Why is the name ‘Roberta’ pronounced the way it is and ‘Robert’ is pronounced the way it is? 

Back to the pizza thing. Why aren’t pizza boxes round?

Heart condition is the most expensive health condition in the U.S. totaling about $555B, much more than 2nd place cancer at $225.8B. 

“What is this that stands before me
Figure in black that points at me
Turn around quick and start to run
Find out I’m the chosen one

Oh no” 

Happy Penta


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