Friday, March 8, 2019


You do realize that daylight savings is ridiculous, right?

Trivia #1: Who was Christopher Pallies?

Trivia #2: From February 3, 2001 through February 25, 2019, which school has been ranked in the AP poll (men’s college hoops) for 199 consecutive pools? No multiple choice!

Is it me or is Zdeno Chara’s stick 9 feet long?

Last Saturday night the Bruins and Devils played nearly 7 ½ minutes without a stoppage in play. DYK the longest such stretch in the NHL is 14:24 and it came just after the first 39 seconds of the game? Capitals/Penguins Mar 11, 2011.

How about a good story? Sisters Caroline (5) and Leia (8) of Humboldt county in northern California were told “no” when they told their mother they wanted to go for a walk. They then disappeared and were found 44 hours later in the woods in what was described as “rugged terrain with extreme conditions.” The girls reportedly were dehydrated, cold, but well. It was also reported that survival training the girls got with their local 4-H club helped keep them “safe and sound.”

No sweat! 6-6, 260-pound edge rusher out of Mississippi State, Montez Sweat, ran a 4.41 in 40 at the NFL Combine on Sunday. His time would have been eighth-best among all wide receivers at this year’s combine and only one running back ran faster.

In 2017, Bud Light led all other beers in US sales at $5,658,343,137. In a distance second was Coors Light at $2,362,787,374. Leading non-light beers was Budweiser at $1,969,795,178. Here comes the king, here comes the big #1.

Trivia question #2 hint: It’s not U Maine.

Headline of the week: “Billionaire diamond trader dies during penis enhancement procedure”

I just really do not know what to say about the Jekyll and Hyde Celtics.

“Hey, watch this!” – A Texas man died after he injured himself while reportedly sliding down an apartment stairwell while helping a friend move.

So the Sox’ Steven Wright denies purposely taking PEDs? Ya, and I think he denied beating his wife a couple of years ago. Get rid of the bum!

Speaking of Steven Wright… I have a microwave fireplace. I can sit in front of the fire all night long in eight minutes!

Southern California’s Santa Anita Park postponed horse racing indefinitely Tuesday so experts could study its dirt surface following the deaths of 21 horses since the Arcadia CA., track’s winter meet began Dec. 26.

You have to wonder about the thought process of some. An Air Force major’s wife went missing on Friday, March 1st. After a search of his home police found an ax, shovel, heavy duty trash bags, two five-gallon jugs of gasoline and a portable burn barrel, all purchased the day after the wife went missing. The torn up receipt was also found in the home. Dude!

If you can do anything in life, be kind, be respectful. Both will get you places in life. (at least that’s what someone told me…)

R.I.P. – King Kong Bundy (61) , former WWE legend

Cheap plug: If you’re really bored this weekend, hop online and bid on something –

Trivia #1 answer: Who was Christopher Pallies? – King Kong Bundy

Trivia #2 answer: From February 3, 2001 through February 25, 2019, which school has been ranked in the AP poll (men’s college hoops) for 199 consecutive polls? No multiple choice!

“When I get off of this mountain, you know where I want to go?
Straight down the Mississippi River, to the Gulf of Mexico
To Lake Charles Louisiana, little Bessie, girl that I once knew
She told me just to come by, if there’s anything she could do”

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