Friday, October 5, 2018


Sox/Yankees. Really?

Trivia #1: What does USMCA stand for?

Trivia #2: What NHL team holds the record with a 35-game unbeaten streak?

Trivia #3: What NHL team holds the record with a 30-game winless streak?

What a week! Two MLB wild card elimination games, the Bruins’ opener, Thursday Night Pats and the Sox playoff opener tonight. This begs the question, how many cities/areas have EVER had four of their professional teams playing in one week, four nights in a row?! Celtics on Tuesday, albeit exhibition, Bruins on Wednesday, Pats on Thursday, Sox tonight.

Speaking of which, nice to see the Bruins bounce back last night with a shutout of their own. 

I’m a hater and I used to hate Peyton Manning. I still do. I don’t hate Andrew Luck. I don’t like the Colts but I appreciate Luck. 

“I said LIFT YOUR FEET!!!” – Holly Jane Akers started cleaning the house at 3 a.m. Her husband moved from room to room in an attempt to sleep, but she followed him with the vacuum cleaner. Akers allegedly struck him on the bridge of the nose with a vacuum attachment. Really. 

Useless information, supposed to fire my imagination. “Beatles Truth Revealed!” Ya, I think I’ll skip that article. 

The Oakland A’s Khris Davis finished the season with a .247 batting average. So what, you say? It was the 4th consecutive season he has finished the year with a same batting average. Never been done. DYK: In his last game he went 0-2. I think he did it on purpose! 

This week’s sign of the apocalypse: The statewide Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference is losing game officials due to the increasing insufferable conduct of parents, coaches and spectators.

This week’s sign of the apocalypse, part deux: NY Jets running back Isaiah Crowell celebrated a touchdown against the Browns last Sunday by wiping the football across his butt and firing it into the crowd. He was fined $13,369 by the NFL. However, the stunt landed him a promotional deal with Dude Wipes! 

Speaking of Crowell, said his mother: “Well, I did not like it as a mother. Isaiah is such a mild-mannered person…” This is the same guy who, in 2016 with the Browns, posted a picture of a police officer getting his throat slit. Mild-mannered? As Warren Zevon would say, “he’s just an excitable boy.” 

Magazines are in most every doctor’s waiting area because that’s what you do there, you wait. But you know you are really in trouble when they move you to the exam room and there are magazines in that room too! 

Trivia #2 hint (giveaway?) – it was during the 1979-1980 season

Trivia #3 hint – it was in 1980 

In the 17th annual GM survey, Celtics coach Brad Stevens received 47% of the votes and finished first as the league’s best coach. It should be a great season, assuming/hoping for good health. 

The late, great Seve Ballesteros once replied to a question to describe how he four-putted, “I meese, I meese, I meese, I make.” 

The Rockies’ Nolan Arenado has been in the league 6 years. He has 5 gold gloves and more than 35 doubles and 35 homeruns in each of the last 4 years. If he keeps it up he may surpass the great Mike Schmidt as the greatest 3rd baseman of all-time. 

Going to the gym, you’re doing it wrong. An American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Boston was diverted to Kansas City, MO, Monday evening after a passenger allegedly refused to stop doing pull-ups using the plane’s overhead bins. (Did I mention he was intoxicated?) 

Trivia #1 answer: What does USMCA stand for? – The United States Mexico Canada Agreement

Trivia #2 answer: What NHL team holds the record with a 35-game unbeaten streak? The Philadelphia Flyers in 1979-1980.

Trivia #3 answer: What NHL team holds the record with a 30-game winless streak? The Winnepeg Jets in 1980 (0-23-7) 

“Well, I met a girl at the Rainbow Bar
She asked me if I’d beat her
She took me back to the Hyatt House
I don’t want to talk about it”

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