Friday, September 21, 2018


Oh what a night! The Sox capture the AL East and the Cleveland Browns win a football game!

IF JD Martinez can pull it off, winning the Triple Crown, he will become the first to lead all of baseball in RBI, batting average and homeruns since Mickey Mantle in 1956. IF.

Trivia #1: What is the significance of the number – 635?

Trivia #2: Who was Moses Harry Horwitz?

Horseshoes? Darts? Corn Hole? All hogwash! It began more than two years ago, with a stump left behind from Hurricane Sandy. Trish and Mark Oliphant visited their friends, Kelly and Stuart Josberger, for a backyard dinner. After chopping wood for a fire pit, they began tossing a hatchet against the fallen tree. When Stumpy’s Hatchet House opened its doors, its four co-owners rolled the dice that an indoor venue for throwing hatchets would prove to be a successful business. More than two years later, Stumpy’s has closed deals with nearly two dozen franchises, and competing hatchet houses are popping up across the country hoping to capitalize on a trend that began in a town not far from the Jersey shore.

For the first time in franchise history, the Red Sox won at least 50 games at home and 50 games on the road.

Head-scratching that the Red Sox had hit only 11 homeruns in September before hitting three last night.

Love him or hate him, I love Dennis Eckersley and his references. “Rising Cheese” is a rising fastball. “High Cheese” is a high fastball. “Straight Cheese” is just a fastball, a good one. He’s got a million of ‘em!

I’m moving to Omaui, New Zealand. The town is considering a proposal to eventually ban all domestic cats in the area. The so-called “pest plan” will require all cats to be sprayed or neutered and microchipped, and residents will not be able to replace their pets when they pass away.

During last night’s Red Sox champagne celebration, Mookie was being interviewed by Guerin Austin (babe) when he commented that his cell phone was in his pocket and getting soaked. He cried: “Someone get me a new phone!” Funny

I’m really not sure what was cooler last night, the Red Sox celebration or the scenes from Cleveland. I can tell you this, Baker Mayfield (a name for the movies) is more famous today in Cleveland than any Red Sox player is in Boston.

SVP (for those not in “the know” stands for Scott van Pelt) has a segment on ESPN where he reviews the ends of games (any sport) where the point spread or over/under is affected by the last play of the game. Very, very interesting outcomes to some of those games. You should try to catch it, I last saw it on a Tuesday morning.

Trivia #1 answer: What is the significance of the number – 635? – It had been 635 days since the Cleveland Browns won a game until last night. DYK, all bars in Cleveland last night gave each patron a free beer after the victory.

Trivia #2 answer: Who was Moses Harry Horwitz? – Moe Howard of the Three Stooges

“Blues hearted lady, sleepy was she
Love for the devil brought her to me
Tears of a thousand drawn to her sin
Seasons of wither holdin’ me in”

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