Friday, July 27, 2018


Last week few read my post. No email. So what?! Either register or just go check the site from time to time. (sorry for those who missed it) 

What’s more frustrating? That Jackie Bradley Jr. had the count at 3-0 with the bases loaded in the 9th inning of last night’s 2-1 loss to the Twinkies, or that available pinch-hitter Mitch Moreland was sitting on the bench having been 6 for 10 with 2 walks against reliever Fernando Rodney? 

Yesterday was the anniversary of Nolan Ryan’s 100th strikeout for the 23rd consecutive season. What!? 

Trivia #1: Who is the longest tenured member of the Celtics?

Trivia #2: Who is Forrest Richards Betts?

Trivia #3: Newly acquired Red Sox pitcher Nathan Eovaldi is from Alvin, Texas. What other former big leaguer is from the same town?

Trivia #4: What the heck. I dug this up this morning. Who are the only three active NBA players heading into this season who played in the 1990’s? 

I joked a couple of weeks ago that the World Cup was starting soon, I thought?? I am not joking now when I found out the Tour de France just ended stage 17. Seventeen! I managed to miss any sort of news on the first 16 stages. Incredible. (that’s a bike race, right?) 

New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard has been placed on the disabled list after contracting hand-foot-and-mouth disease. Officials said Syndergaard likely contracted the disease, which is much more prominent amongst children, when he made an appearance at a kids’ baseball camp last Thursday. 

You can’t lick any part of your reflection except for your tongue. 

Having sex, you’re doing it wrong. Kahali Johnson found his wife, Tameka Hargrave, 39, and her 56-year-old mechanic dead in a parking garage outside his apartment in Newark. Hargrave was paying for work done on her vehicle by having sex with the mechanic. The cause of death was alleged to have been carbon monoxide poisoning. Editor’s note: She was paying for work done on her car. I bet the husband knew and was just trying to save a few bucks. 

NFL teams began training camps yesterday and today. You know what that means?! My fantasy football league draft is in 6 weeks! 

Trivia #3 hint: He also threw hard, like Eovaldi. 

So the Comeaus go to Greece and the place nearly burns to the ground? Seriously though, what a tragedy. Flames burned out of control near Athens as people were forced to flee to the ocean to survive. Many didn’t make with some as close to 50 feet from the sea were charred. 

Haverhill’s Noah Vonleh has signed with the Knicks. This may be his last chance. 

Here is your Tim Tebow update and maybe the last one. Any long-shot chance Mets prospect Tim Tebow had to play in the major leagues this season has likely been dashed after he broke the hamate bone in his right hand swinging a bat during a minor league game. “Good cut!” 

Speaking of baseball, St. Louis Cardinal David Poncedeleon, 26, was struck in the right temple by a line drive on May 9, 2017 while pitching for Triple-A Memphis. He suffered a fractured skull, which caused bleeding in the brain and required emergency surgery. Segway to this past Monday night when he made his major league debut and threw 7 no-hit innings. He had been battling a sore neck and was removed after 116 pitches. Great night, right? Well, mostly. His teammates blew his one-run lead and lost on a walk-off. DOH! 

Quote of the week: “Don’t knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn’t start a conversation if it didn’t change once in a while.” – Kin Hubbard 

Trivia #1 answer: Who is the longest tenured player for the Celtics? – Marcus Smart

Trivia #2 answer: Who is Forrest Richards Betts? – Not Mookie, but Dickey Betts of the Allman Brothers

Trivia #3 answer: Newly acquired Red Sox pitcher Nathan Eovaldi is from Alvin, Texas. What other big leaguer is from the same town? – Nolan Ryan

Trivia #4 answer: Who are the only three active NBA players heading into this season who played in the 1990’s? – Dirk Nowitzki, Vince Carter and Jason Terry. 

“Nobody gonna take my car
I’m gonna race it to the ground
Nobody gonna beat my car
it’s gonna break the speed of sound
Oooh it’s a killing machine
It’s got everything 
Like a driving power big fat tires
and everything”

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