Friday, April 13, 3018


Trivia #1: Before the season began, what were the Red Sox odds of winning the AL pennant in 1967? 10-1, 25-1, 50-1, 100-1, 500-1

Trivia #2: What was Cy Young’s real name and why “Cy?”

Trivia #3: Who leads the Bruins all-time in game-winning goals in the playoffs? (all you had to do was watch NESN this morning) 

Playoff hockey. 

On April 4, 2000, Red Sox outfielder Darren Lewis became the 13th different player to start in right field for the Sox on Opening Day for the past thirteen years.

Getting back to the NCAA basketball final. Michigan coach sitting in chair. 

It is really too bad where the Celtics are right now. Even if they are able to pull off a series win, so what. I say next season cannot come soon enough.

The Bruins on the other hand. They can win it, without doubt! (Nice start!) 

My how times have changed. A 17-year old high school student in Florida is facing animal cruelty charges after he bit off the head of a chicken on Saturday in what one official described as a “pretty sadistic” act. Somewhere, Ozzy chuckles. 

Mark McGwire claims he would have ‘definitely’ hit 70 homeruns without PEDs. Well Mark, you didn’t and no one else ever has. Spare us. 

Quote of the week: “It was a 60-minute effort. You can’t ask for much more than that.” – Bruins play-by-play man, Jack Edwards. No Jack, unless the game goes to overtime. 

Trivia #1 answer: The Red Sox odds of winning the pennant in 1967 were 100-1.

Trivia #2 answer: Cy Young real name was Denton True Young. Cy was short for “Cyclone”. The nickname came from fences that he had destroyed with his fastball, because they looked like a cyclone had hit them.

Trivia #3 answer: Who leads the Bruins all-time in game-winning goals in the playoffs? Cam Neely (11) 

Quote of the week: “I love Fenway. I love it in spite of all the things about it I hate.” – Stephen King 

“You say your mum ain’t home,

It ain’t my concern

Just play with me and you won’t get burned

I have only one itching desire

Let me stand next to your fire”

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