Friday, March 9, 2018

Briefly. (very) 

Trivia: Three teams are tied for the worst record (winning percentage) in qualifying for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Name the three out of: Florida A&M, Holy Cross, UCF, Florida International, San Jose St., Fairfield, Prairie View 

Tough to see Fairfield and Haverhill’s Tyler Nelson go down in the Metro Atlantic Athletic conference, but the tears… really? DYK, Tyler is the leading scorer in school history! 

Running from the cops, you’re doing it wrong. Dashcam footage showed a Virginia man, who was allegedly fleeing from police, jumping out of his car without putting it in park. According to police, the car hit him but he was not seriously hurt. The man now faces drunk driving charges. 

From a friend, in the last three years Brad Marchand is tied for third in goals with Patrick Kane, second to Ovechkin in points per game and, since the Seguin trade Sequin is +11, Marchand is +111.

Have to give credit to Brad Stevens, again, for making adjustments after the all-star break. 

Amazing how many people still drive thru the drive-up at the coffee shop, when there is no power in town, as if it will mysteriously reopen as they go through.

Turn the clocks. Spring cometh. 

NCAA tournament starts Tuesday. Spring cometh. 

Less than a month until Opening Day. Spring cometh. 

Trivia answer: Tied at a 37.93% winning percentage are Florida International (1995), UCF (1996) & Fairfield (1997) 

“Winter tries to put us d-down,
Talkin’ ‘bout my generator,
Snow and wind are all around,
Talkin’ ‘bout my generator,
Things are awfully c-c-c-c-cold,
Talkin’ ‘bout my generator,
Hope I thaw before I get old,
Talkin’ ‘bout my generator,
My generator! My generator, ba-by!”

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