Friday, February 2, 2018

Briefly. (kinda) 

Dilly Dilly! 

Trivia #1: Who won the only Super Bowl played in Minneapolis?

Trivia #2: Who holds the records for most receptions in a Super Bowl, including overtime? Who holds it for regulation? 

Thank the Lord that the Super Bowl is almost here. Yesterday’s headline of the Boston Globe sports section read: “The Evolution of the Headset” 

Escaping from prison, you’re doing it wrong. An inmate who escaped from a federal prison in southeast Texas was arrested Wednesday while allegedly trying to sneak back in with snacks, alcohol, tobacco and cooked food. 

This week’s sign of the apocalypse: Chief Wahoo’s days are numbered. The Cleveland Indians’ logo, which has been in use since 1947 but today is deemed racist by Native American groups and others, will be seen on the team’s uniforms for only one more year. 

Mookie won in arbitration. Good for Mookie. 

Hospitalization rates are currently at 41.9 per 100,000 for the flu. Flu-related pediatric deaths for this season stand at 37. As we hit the half-way mark in the flu season, the CDC still recommends getting a flu shot. Did you hear that? 

I’m sorry but, and I’m sure I’m in the minority, I don’t need to know whether Tom Brady folds his toilet paper or crumbles it up. Nor do I need to know whether he puts on his right sock first or his left, though I’m sure which ever one goes on first makes him healthier. I want to see Brady throw the ball and win a Super Bowl. You can have his everyday routine. 

R.I.P. – Oscar Gamble (68) – he played with seven MLB teams, but I’m sure anyone who remembers him remembers him with Cleveland. He had “the ‘fro” that was as much as 12 inches long. 

Quote of the week: “Son, we have rules here. And you need a haircut.” – Manager Billy Martin to Oscar Gamble when Oscar was traded to the yankees in 1975. He had approached Martin and asked why there wasn’t a uniform in his locker. 

Trivia answer #1: Washington beat Buffalo in Super Bowl XXVI.

Trivia answer #2: James White (14), last year. In regulation, Demaryius Thomas (13) in SB XLVIII. 

And now… Super Bowl stuff: 

Bookies say they anticipate total legal betting on the Super Bowl to break the record of $138.5 million, set last year. Billions more are believed to be bet on the game illegally around the country. Already, separate bets of $500,000, $700,000 and more than $2 million have been bet on the Eagles.

No quarterback has ever led the league in passing yardage and gone on to win the Lombardi trophy.
The Patriots last beat Philly in 2004, Super Bowl XXXIX, their second straight SB win and 3rd in 4 years. They can beat them again Sunday for their 2nd straight SB win, 3rd in 4 years.
The over/under on National Anthem, sung by Pink, is 180 seconds.

It is difficult to rank Philadelphia in any offensive category when they had two different QB’s during the season.

The Patriots ranked 1st in average yards gained per drive (37.6). They were last in average yards allowed per drive (34.2).
The Eagles can become the fourth team to win a SB after having a losing record the season before (7-9).
Useless information, supposed to drive my imagination: The Patriots will wear their white uniforms. They are 3-0 in Super Bowls under Belichick. 12 of the last 13 SB winners have worn white.
Only two Super Bowl quarterbacks have started fewer games in the regular season than Nick Foles (3), Doug Williams and Jeff Hostetler. Both won.
The average margin of victory in the Patriots five SB wins under Belichick is 3.8 points. The average margin in their two losses is 3.5. The point spread for Sunday’s game is sitting at 4 points.
The Patriots will either tie the record for most Super Bowls wins (6, Pittsburgh) or tie for the most Super Bowl losses (5, Denver)
Both SB teams had a point differential during the season of +162, league high.
Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie once tried to buy the Patriots.

The Eagles took an unusual step in preparing for the Super Bowl by getting acclimated to a longer-than-usual halftime, sitting for a full 30 minutes (as opposed to 13-14 minutes). Of course, most of the Patriots are already used to that!

In case you are watching the game and wondering why so many Philly fans are wearing dog masks, they have been the underdog in their first two playoff games and like the role.
Since Tom Brady took over, the Patriots are 15-0 in the playoffs against teams they did not play in the regular season, 12-9 against repeat opponents. The Patriots and Eagles did not play during this
regular season.
Not that you need to be reminded, but the Patriots have not scored in the first quarter of any Super Bowl under Bill Belichick.
Alshon Jeffrey’s prediction may come true. After last season he said “we are going to win the Super Bowl next year.” Jeffrey was with the Bears last season. He never said who “we” are.

And finally: The Bible refers to “eagle” 33 times and “goat” 42 times. Pats by 9! 

“But it’s been no bed of roses,
No please cruise.
I consider it a challenge before the whole human race,
And I ain’t gonna lose.”

Go Pats!

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