Friday, January 19, 2018


Go Pats! 

Trivia #1: Who is the only athlete drafted four times?

Trivia #2: Who were the starting quarterbacks when the Patriots beat the Jaguars in the 1996 AFC Championship game? 

Welcome back to Boston again Rondo. Solid 7-point effort! 

The good news for pregnant women in cash-strapped and food-strapped Venezuela is that President Nicolas Maduro just announced the government would be giving them 700,000 bolivars a month. The bad news: Thanks to hyperinflation, that amounts to $3.83 in the real world. He said they’ll go up to the equivalent of $5 a month once the baby is born. 

Last Saturday Hawaii mistakenly issued an “all clear” – an incoming missile alert – during a routine test that happens at the start of every shift. Changes are now being made and from now on, activation of the test and a real incoming missile alert will require two people, and a command that can cancel a mistaken activation within seconds will be created. The reason it took so long to cancel Saturday’s alert, 38 minutes, was because no such button was in place. The person responsible for the gaff has been receiving death threats.

They said it: “Mother Nature is calling.” – Rene Rancourt, who has announced his retirement. 

Did you see the Bulls’ Kris Dunn land on his face after hanging from the rim following a dunk? Damn!

Why would you name a team after a car? 

Looking for your kid, you’re doing it right! Tony Lethbridge of Lake Macquarie, Australia, suspected his son Samuel, 17, may have been in a car wreck when he didn’t return home after a Saturday night out with friends. On Monday morning he hired a helicopter and the car was found within 15 minutes about 12 miles from home. The car was easily visible from the air but would have near impossible to see from the road, said the pilot. 

Happy birthday to Betty White, this past Wednesday, 96. She claims to eat the foods she likes, vodka and hotdogs, in that order. 

Trivia answer #1: Jo Jo White was drafted by the Celtics (9th overall), the Dallas Cowboys, the Cincinnati Reds and the Marines.

Trivia answer #2: Drew Bledsoe and Mark Brunell 

R.I.P. Jo Jo White, answer to our trivia question. Do you want more on Jo Jo? He was a two-time All-American at Kansas, an Olympic Gold Medal winner in 1968, a two-time NBA champ, an NBA Finals MVP, he is in the Hall of Fame of the NBA, St. Louis Sports and the Marine Corps (they have a sports HOF), and his number has been retired by U Kansas. 

R.I.P. Washington St. sophomore QB, Tyler Hilinski who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was in line to be the starter next season. What a shame. You just never know… 

“For those about to rock,
We salute you”

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