Friday, December 29, 2017


Trivia #1: If were you smart enough to look it up last week, or didn’t have to, what team holds the longest active streak in North America’s four major professional sports for years making the playoffs?

Trivia #2: What D1 college football program has lost the most bowl games all-time? – Alabama, Florida, LSU, Notre Dame, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio St, Texas 

The life expectancy in the U.S. dropped for the second straight year in 2016 as deaths from drug overdoses rose a staggering 21 percent. It was the first time since 1962-63 that the U.S. life expectancy fell two consecutive years. A baby born last year in the U.S. is expected to live about 78 years and 7 months. 

Fleeing from the police, you’re doing it wrong. 27 year-old Timothy Erofeeff of Scotts Mills, OR was approached by the police after reports that someone had been trespassing on boats. Erofeeff sped off in his truck, right down a pier and into the Columbia River. He then swam a couple hundred feet away before swimming back to the dock due to the frigid water. 

Todd Gurley really does have an argument for NFL MVP, or at least he did until now. The Rams have decided to rest him, Jared Goff and other starters before the playoffs. Brady I think wants it and he’ll get it. If he can pull it off and couple it with another Super Bowl… Man! 

Don’t give me that “I love the winters in New England #$%^ing bullshit. NO ONE loves multiple single-digit temperature days in a row. OK, beautiful white skylines, skiing/sledding is fun. Nice, crisp mornings. I get all that. But this is bullshit and it sucks. 

In a related story, yesterday there was a local “wind chill advisory” until 6am on Friday, this morning. At the time the forecasted highs/lows for Sat-Mon were 19/6, 13/-1 and 11/0. Ya, a real #$%^ing heat wave!

Just another one of those years/seasons where both the Celtics and Bruins can be real fun to watch. Tough loss for the Bruins last night and what a win for the C’s! Down 32-12 after one and down as many as 26 they pull off the one-point win over the Bearded One and the Rockets. 

No excuses here just the facts. The Celtics will soon be playing their 41st game, the halfway point of the season, in 79 days. Their last 41 games will span 97 days. 

The BLT might be the most underrated sandwich ever. 

Rajon Rondo had 25 assist on Wednesday night. My feeling is that he can do that, or close to it, whenever he wants. I also think he can score 20-25 points whenever he wants and do just about anything on the court whenever he wants. The problem with Rondo is that he rarely wants to any of that. 

Correction to a point I made earlier. There is someone who loves multiple single-digit temperature days in a row – Gary Simard! He won’t read this but “kiss my gas”, you crook. 

Enjoy this last week of the regular season, plus the upcoming bowl games. Great time of year! 

In case you missed it, Erie, PA received 53” of snow over a two-day period earlier this week. 

Trivia #1 answer: The San Antonio Spurs (20)

Trivia #2 answer: Nebraska Cornhuskers (27) 

R.I.P. – Today keep in mind anyone who left us in 2017. Remember the good times. 

“Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.” – Benjamin Franklin 

Happy New Year to you and yours. May 2018 be better than 2017 and not as good as 2019. 

“I’ve just closed my eyes again
climbed aboard the dream weaver train
Driver, take away my worries of today
and leave tomorrow behind”

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