Friday, September 15, 2017


Is it really a legitimate complaint that the Red Sox aren’t hitting homeruns? Hey, instead they are running and running at the right time. Last checked, the Sox are 23-1 when stealing multiple bases in a game. More? The Red Sox are 5th in the majors in stolen bases, 27th in homeruns, yet they lead the division over Baltimore (1st in the majors in homers) NY (4th), Tampa (7th) and Toronto (11th).

Devastation. Estimates are that 25% of homes in Key West were demolished. Incredible! Residents cannot all check on their homes until all bridges in the Keys are examined for safety. See trivia #2 below.

The Cleveland Indians have now won 22 games in a row, an American League record. The major league record is 26 in a row.

The Cleveland Browns have lost their last 13 openers. Wow! Which brings us to…

Trivia #1: Who was the starting quarterback for the Browns when they last won on Opening Day? (If you were listening to Mike n Mike on Monday morning around 7:00am you would get this. Otherwise, likely not)

Trivia #2: How many bridges are in the Keys? 

I didn’t see one play from last night’s Texans/Bungals game. Thank God! DYK: The Bungals are the first team since the 1939 Eagles to go their first two games without an offensive touchdown.

Headline of the week: “Adidas creates ‘puke repellent’ sneaker for upcoming Oktoberfest” 

Quote of the week (a couple of weeks ago): “Who’s going to beat the Patriots, really?” Me 

At last, a fully operational urban delivery drone system is here, only you probably won’t be able to use it. Drone logistics startup Flytrex has teamed up with Iceland’s main online retailer, AHA, to launch a currier drone service in Reykjavik. Specifically, it’s servicing one part of Reykjavik – robotic fliers carry food across a river in the city, cutting delivery time from 25 minutes to 4.

Next season all 32 MLB teams will open on March 29, the earliest ever. The reason? They need more days off during the season. Really.

Speaking of schedules, I’d be pissed if I were a Saints fan. The Pats played Thursday night and get 10 days to prepare for Sunday’s matchup with the Saints. The Saints played Monday Night and play on short rest. That sux.

Pastrnak…, signing…, good! Bruins for you non-knowers. Speaking of which, this answers the question whether the ‘e’ is really needed in words like “kickr”, “hittr”, “peckr wreckr”, “cock suckr”, etc.

In soccer news, really. “Our” Revolution lost 7-0 the other night and were outshot 20-0. Now I ain’t no soccer guy but that is horrendous!

Useless stat of the week: The Minnesota Twins set an MLB record on Tuesday when they hit homeruns in each of the first 7 innings of their game vs. Kansas City. That’s not the useless part. The useless added stat is that they hit 2,675 feet of homeruns in the game.

A sign of the apocalypse – Real clowns are worried that the movie ‘IT’, that just hit theaters and is based on Steven King’s novel, might ruin their careers. 

Speaking of “real clowns” ya, I know a few.

Trivia answer #1: Jeff Garcia

Trivia answer #2: 42 (one of which is 7 miles long) 

“You are like a hurricane

There’s calm in your eye.

And I’m getting blown away

To somewhere safer

Where the feeling stays.

I want to love you but

I’m getting blown away.”

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