Friday, June 16, 2017


Let’s get right to trivia:

Trivia #1, sticking with a prior week’s theme: Who has thrown the fastest pitch ever in MLB history?

Trivia #2: Who owns the record for most homeruns by a rookie in MLB history?

Trivia #3: It has been 93 PGA major tournaments since either Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson have not played. Who won the last major since that time? Hint below

I haven’t tried to get more information but sure there is a buzz out there from Tuesday’s Sox/Yankees game when Joe Kelly hit either 103 or 104 on the radar gun! NESN showed 103 but the stadium gun read 104. Wow! (see trivia question #1. It ain’t Joe) 

Last night’s Sox game was painful, period!

It’s only June but you have to be excited about this weekend’s Sox/Astros series.

Seton Hall Prep in West Orange, NJ has named their new baseball field ‘Porcello Field’ after Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello. Rick is an alum and made a pretty hefty donation towards the building of the field. 

If there is any single human being that I consider to be useless to society, it is Dennis Rodman. Please go away. 

RIP (last week?) Jimmy Piersall. I’ve never read his book, “Fear Strikes Out” but it’s been recommended to me a number of times. I’m going away in a couple of weeks and the book (Nook) is coming along. 

Though I don’t find this stat completely unbelievable, I do find it absolutely incredible. The NY Times reports that drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death for people under 50. Most increases were in Eastern states because out West, black tar heroin remains most prevalent as opposed to powdered heroin which can be laced with fentanyl and carfentanil. 

Multi-beer argument but the 2017 Warriors are NOT the greatest NBA team of all time. 

The Yankees’ Aaron Judge is indeed a beast at 6’7”, 282 lbs. In addition to homeruns, RBI, runs scored, OPS, blah blah blah offensive categories, he also leads all rookies in outfield assists and  he has five stolen bases. Beast

This week’s sign of the apocalypse: An American tourist died after falling off a cliff while taking a selfie on the Greek island of Zakynthos. 

Gronk is self-proclaimed 100%. Now don’t get me wrong, that is great. But really, the guy is a human wrecking ball the way he plays. What are the odds he lasts the season?

Godspeed, Jerry Remy. Funny, when he first went to “the booth”, I really thought he was destined for greater things – ESPN? Now, though I am a fan, I don’t think he is very good as an analyst. 

Eyebrow-raising headline of the week #2: “Is Aaron Judge the next Babe Ruth?” 

Eyebrow-raising headline of the week: “Mom Spends $25K on Son’s Prom, Complete With Camel” (just makingsure you are paying attention)

Trivia #3 hint: It was the 1994 Masters.

Prayer Healing – you’re doing it wrong. Two members of an Oregon church that shuns traditional medicine in favor of prayer and anointing the sick with oils were arrested Monday in the death of their premature baby. Sarah Mitchell, 24, and Travis Lee Mitchell, 21, are accused of murder and criminal mistreatment. This past March, Sarah delivered twins girls at her grandparents’ home and one of the babies had breathing problems and died just a few hours later. 

“Are you ready for some footbaaaaall! A rock-n-roll partyyyyyyyyyy!” That’s right, Hank Williams Jr. is back on Monday Night Football, six years after being fired by ESPN for comments he made about Barack Obama. I like it just as long as they don’t replace Carrie Underwood on Sunday night. 

Say what you want about all other rivalries in all other sports but still, nothing beats Sox/Yankees. 

Happy Father’s Day. Earn it! 

Thanks to all that made The Penta what it was and what it is! 

Trivia answer #1: Aroldis Chapman, 105.1 mph in 2010.

Trivia answer #2: Mark McGuire (49) in 1987. In one 31-game span that year (Jun 13 – Jul 17) he hit 15!

Trivia answer #3: Jose Olazabal 

“Well we got no class

And we got no principles

And we got no innocence

We can’t even think of a word that rhymes!”

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