Friday, May 12, 2017


Today’s forecast, alcohol.  Low standards, poor decisions.

Trivia: What year did the Texas Rangers last win the World Series?

Last Friday’s game between the Midwest League South Bend Cubs and the Clinton Lumberkings was tied 6-6 after 8 innings but continued through 18 innings, still knotted at 6-6. Due to a curfew, the game was suspended and resumed the next night before their next scheduled game. Of course the game ended 7-6 after the 19th inning.

 Don’t talk about yourself, we’ll do that after you leave. 

If an orange is an orange, why isn’t a lime a green or a lemon a yellow? 

Thanks to my wife and son, I have become a recent fan of the avocado. Apparently, I am not alone. The price of avocados has set a record, more than doubling since last year.  Mexico provides 82% of the avocados in the United States and since 2000, shipments have increased from 24 million pounds to a whopping 1.76 billion pounds in 2015. Worldwide demand is up, too. Shortages in New Zealand have sparked avocado thefts while Mexican exports to China have been growing at a rate of 250% per year. 

You can’t make this up. Roy Riegel, Tom McDonald’s childhood friend and fellow New York Mets superfan, died in 2008 at the age of 48. McDonald kept Riegel’s ashes in a peanut can wrapped in Mets ticket stubs but wasn’t sure what to do with them. The answer? Flush his friend’s ashes down the toilet. Really. McDonald has flushed scoops of Riegel’s ashes at 16 Major League stadiums around the country (not sure whether Fenway is on the list). McDonald calls it the “perfect tribute” to his friend, “the best plumber you ever saw”. There are rules to the tribute; a baseball game must be in progress when the ashes are flushed, and if McDonald also has to use the facilities, “I always flush in between.” McDonald plans to make a final flush at North Carolina’s Athletic Park, where the movie Bull Durham was filmed. 

If you were a friend or relative of the Red Sox’s Dave Marrero and you knew he was playing last Sunday, then you heard the Sox scored 17 runs on 15 hits including 5 homeruns, you would have wondered how well Dave played?? Well, not so much. Marrero was the only player without a hit going 0-5, struck out once, left three men on base and hit into a double play. Doh!

Trivia answer : The Rangers have never won a World Series.

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