Friday, Sept 9, 2016


Your 1st place Boston Red Sox!

The Killer B’s (Betts, Bogaerts, Bradley Jr.) are due to go on a collective tear. Can’t wait.

Did you catch the Ortiz tribute the other night in San Dingo? (I know, I do hate “The Tour” but bear with me). Don Orsillo “I’ve had the privilege of calling his 100th 200th 300th 400 & 500th homeruns. Welcome David Ortiz!” Great to see Orsillo. What a mistake NESN made letting him go. Unfortunately, we  have found Dave O’Brien to be a better man on the radio. Also, did you catch the surfboard Ortiz was presented? A near-life size Papi on the board with other designs. Pretty cool.

Great to watch a little pro football last night, wasn’t it? And great to see Cam Newton go down in defeat once again. I’m a hater, yes.

Great to see college football get underway last weekend too. What a weekend for upsets!

Did you catch the tribute by Nebraska for their deceased punter? In short, he was killed a couple of months ago in a car crash returning from a “punting camp”. During their first game against Fresno St., Nebraska went three-and-out and lined up to punt, only to send out 10 players. They stood there as the clock ticked down and took the delay-of-game penalty. Fresno St subsequently declined the penalty as 90,000 fans roared. Tears all around. Pretty cool.

UMass can beat BC tomorrow. Just watch.

The Yankees are making a move. Good! Let their fans get all excited. They will then watch the Red Sox throughout the playoffs and all we will hear is “Ya, wait until next year. We’re gonna be great!”

A recent study out of Michigan St showed that men who have sex at least weekly have more than double the chance of suffering a heart attack, while women who had sex that frequently were proven to be healthier than those women who had sex less frequently. Now if both of those findings don’t motivate your significant other to have sex more often nothing will!

Back to football, I really can’t wait to see the Pats defense in action on Sunday. (Sunday night! What a drag for us early risers) Regardless, a win over Arizona would be great for Patriots Nation. Carson Palmer is coming off a playoff disaster. Can he rebound? I think all Garopollo needs to do is limit the turnovers. The rest will take care of itself. (what a homer!)

I have some green grass in my yard!

A couple of historic baseball happenings this past Wednesday:

Pat Venditte. A switch-pitcher, briefly transferred to Canada before returning this week with the Seattle Mariners. The Texas Rangers Ryan Rua and Rougned Odor welcomed him back with back-to-back homeruns on Wednesday. The oddity is that Rua’s came off the switch-pitcher’s left arm and Odor’s off his right. As far as records show, he is the first pitcher to give up homers with both arms in a game.

After 4 years in independent ball, Stephen Cardullo got an early birthday present last weekend when he was called up by the Colorado Rockies. Thanks to a rainout, there was a doubleheader on his actual birthday on Wednesday, and he homered in both games. The second was a grand slam, making him the first player to hit home runs on his birthday, with one being a grand slam, since Mike Sweeney in 2004. More amazingly, Cardullo became the first player in over 75 years to hit a birthday homer within his first four major-league games.


The Seattle Seahawks plan to have a “pregame demonstration of unity” on day (9/11) in light of Kaepernick’s protest. Good for them. I’m sure other venues will have similar tributes, one way or another.

My cardiologist tells me that their hospital is going to shatter the record (in New England anyway) for heart transplants in a year. They have already done 15% more than the previous record with 3 months to go. The main reason? The high volume of opioid-related deaths have made so many more hearts available. Sad, sad state of affairs.

Sorry but no basketball or pucks today. It’s all about Opening Day football and the MLB pennant races nowadays.

And finally, for all you Warren Zevon fans:

“Hurry home early – hurry on home,

Boom Boom Mancini’s fighting Bobby Chacon”

In this Nov. 14, 1984 file photo, WBA lightweight champ Ray Mancini, right, gives challenger Bobby Chacon a hug after defeating him in a title fight at Reno, Nev. Chacon, a Hall of Fame boxer, died Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2016, under hospice care for dementia in Lake Elsinore, Calif. He was 64.

Good night everybody!

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