Friday, Sept 30, 2016

The 2016 AL Eastern Division Champions!
Let’s just say the Red Sox win it all this year. Would you rather go through 2 worst-to-first’s in a 5-year span or go through 5 years of making the playoffs but not winning it all? Me? Give me the titles!
It was Allen Iverson who once said; “When you are not practicing, someone else is getting better.” Go figure.
$49M for being an irritating prick. Way to go Marchand!
David Johnson. Did you hear about this guy? He, an American, was heckling the European Ryder Cup team during a practice round. McIlroy and another were struggling with a tough, downhill putt and the guy was all over them, so they challenged him to try the putt himself. Justin Rose even threw a $100 bill on the green as part of the challenge. The guy nailed the putt!
I saw a headline stating that Tony Stewart will retire as a champion. What?! He purposely ran a fellow racer over and killed him!
Vin Scully. Could you script it any better? At his last home game, the Dodgers homered with 2 outs in the 9th to tie the game and followed with a walkoff in the 10th thereby clinching the division!
67 seasons for Scully! He’s been referred to as “an icon” and a “national treasure”. He’ll be calling his last game on Sunday from San Francisco.
Lady Gaga will headline the halftime show at next year’s (this season’s) Super Bowl. I’m a fan.
To steal one from Sports Illustrated; a sign of the apocalypse – Café 51, an Australian restaurant, is giving ten customers burgers for life if they get a tattoo of any burger from their menu along with its “BURGERLOVE” logo. 3,500 people have offered to step up to the challenge!?!?!
The word surrounding the Celtics this year is “athletic”. Let’s hope that translates into W’s.
There are endless articles out there about Vin Scully but I have to throw in a mention for Dick Enberg who is also stepping down as the voice of the Padres (since 2010), as well as legendary stints at NBC, CBS and ESPN doing the Olympics, Grand Slam tennis events, Super Bowls, Rose Bowls and Final Fours. I say “stepping down” because at age 81 Enberg is adamant that he is not retiring but instead moving on to “something else”. “I abhor the term ‘retirement’”, he said. Best of luck to him. A class guy.
Ah, the Bruins exhibition season has begun. This is just one part of a great time of the year for sports fans. Hockey and basketball get underway, football (college and pro) is in full swing and MLB divisional races wind down. The Ryder Cup is set to tee off and there’s probably some NAZCAR race as well. On a similar note, the Hillies travel to Methuen tonight.
Sign of the apocalypse part deux – The state of North Carolina is set to lose hundreds of millions of dollars because of their laws telling people where they have to pee.
Jose Fernandez, 24. Jeez! Ortiz cancelled his scheduled tribute the next day in Tampa. Nice move. And the Marlins all wore jerseys with “Fernandez” and his #16 on them. Dee Gordon led off the game standing at the plate right-handed to honor Fernandez, while trying to imitate his stance. After the first pitch he moved over to the left side of the plate and hit a 2-0 pitch out for a homerun, upper-deck! It was only his 9th career homerun. He was crying as he rounded the bases. Everyone was crying. (I am choked up just typing this) Google it, good stuff.
Don’t get me wrong, I love Big Papi. But don’t tell me he is the greatest Red Sox of all-time. As great as Ted Williams’ numbers are, he lost his age 25, 26, 27 years, the prime of his career, to WW II service and only played in 43 games in his age 34 & 35 years due to service in Korea. Not only the greatest, but an American hero.
R.I.P. – Arnold Palmer. What a legacy he leaves behind. He was everything Tiger Woods could never be.
Kathy says I should take to blogging. More to come…
I’ll leave you with this quote from Dick Enberg and why baseball is the greatest game; “The beauty of the game hasn’t changed. My grandpa could come back tonight and I wouldn’t have to explain much to him at all.
Goodnight everybody!
“Playing my guitar
While my sister bangs a jar
The glass sets up a sound like people laughing.
And it’s going to my brain
And it’s easing all my pain
I must hear that sound again ‘cause time is passing.”

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