Friday, Feb 10, 2017


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 What can I say? In a sense, the greatest win in Patriots/Super Bowl/ Boston Sports/All Sports(?) history. I say “in a sense” because many points can be argued. I, for one, feel the Patriots’ first Super Bowl win over the highly touted Rams, was their greatest. As for Boston Sports history, give me the Red Sox 2004 ALCS comeback from 3-0 against the Yankees. But hey, that’s just me.

 Of the 31 Super Bowl records: Anything to do with the 2-pt conversion because it was the first time it was converted in a Super Bowl and it happened twice in SB LI. Also, most first downs by penalty (Patriots (4)). 93 offensive plays (Patriots). That record does not even count the 2, 2-pt conversions or the 4 plays called back due to penalties.

 Patriots comeback or Atlanta choke? Not even close. The Falcons made so many mental physical mistakes but the Patriots took advantage of them and converted. They made the plays that were handed to them. They blitzed, sacked, threw and ran all over the Falcons during their comeback. It was a comeback of biblical proportions!

 James White, MVP? Tough one. Ask yourself this: With a different quarterback or different running back would you get the same result? Arguably neither but Brady made throw after throw after throw down the stretch. Very difficult to give the award to a guy who participated in so few plays compared to the other. Brady set 3 single-game Super Bowl records on Sunday (pass attempts, completions and passing yards) while White set 4 (receptions, receiving yards by a running back, 20 points scored and 2-pt conversion converted). Hey, can you say “Co-MVPs”?

 Lady Gaga. I’m a fan. One of the songs she sang hit #1 on iTunes with three other songs she performed at the SB in the top 15. Please, don’t ask me to name any of those songs…

 Info/Trivia: Celtic Jae Crowder has a chance to join the 180-Club or the  50,40,90 Club. 50% shooting percentage, 40% from 3-pt range and 90% free throw. He is currently at 47.6%, 41.5% and 88.6%. Only 7 players in the history of the NBA have achieved the feat. Name them.

 When I first heard about the Charles Oakley incident, being disruptive and shoving security at MSG before being “escorted” out by several police and security guards, I thought “Oakley always has been a punk!” Then the more I heard, the more I read, the more I realized that Knicks owner, James Dolan, is the punk. That franchise has to be the worst in any of the major sports right now. And that’s saying a lot! Dysfunctional coaches, players and ownership. Fans hate the team. I mean really, other than a few Syracuse fans does anyone like the face of the team, Carmelo Anthony? Embarrassing and Dolan is the root.

 Headline of the week #1:  Ex-husband: Judy Garland Was Groped by Munchins on Oz Set

Headline of the week #2: This is what a healthy vagina looks like (sorry, I did not click on the link)

 Can we agree: If he wasn’t already, Tiger Woods is all dun, D-U-N!

 Claude Julien, replacing him with assistant coach Bruce “Don’t Call Me Butch” Cassidy. Finished 419-246-94 (94 ties – That must suck) and was the winniest coach in Bruins’ history. Claude won the Jack Adams Trophy in 2008-09 (best coach) and his Bruins won the Cup in 2011. In mind-boggling fashion, the team held a press conference in the middle of the Patriots’ victory parade on Tuesday. Say what you want but that is a total disrespect for the Pats. Boston teams should be supporting one another. BTW, last night Butch won his first game as Bruins head coach. Let’s keep it going!

 A can of Bud is 5 percent alcohol, a Pabst is 4.74 percent.

 A couple from Plymouth claims that immediately after the birth of their child the Patriots started their rally in SB LI. They named the boy Brady. Brady has a brother and two sisters, including 6-year old Quinn, named after Dad’s favorite Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn. Ya, how’d that work out? The family dog is named Rudy. Really?!

 Willie Nelson announced that he was cancelling three of his shows due to illness. Hey cut him some slack, he’s 83!

 Trivia hint: Of the 7 who are in the 180 Club, one has done it twice and one has accomplished the feat 4 times!

 I’d be remiss in not mentioning Brent Musburger’s retirement after a career or nearly 50 years. He is 77. He was such a fixture for college basketball, amongst many other sports. His next venture? Heading to Vegas to start a handicapping business.

 120 days until Penta XXII!

 This week’s sign of the apocalypse: Ashley Glawe, who has since recovered from the January incident, shared that she was playing with her pet snake when it poked its head through her stretched earlobe and became stuck.

 Researchers from Sweden and Scotland collected over 20,000 nasal swabs over a 3-year period to detect respiratory illnesses. Then, they analyzed local weather data. The researchers discovered that outbreaks of respiratory infections like the flu and respiratory syncytial virus – a virus that causes cold-like symptoms – began during each year’s first low-humidity, below-freezing week. In other words, the winter chill kick-started flu season. Viruses – like those that cause flu – travel in liquid particles, which survive better in dry, cold climates, the authors theorize. This type of air absorbs extra moisture, leaving the particles light enough to stay airborne. That means they’re more accessible for someone else to breathe in—and catch something from. So yes, you are more likely to get sick when it’s cold out.

 Trivia answer: Steve Nash(4), Larry Bird(2), Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitski, Reggie Miller, Mark Price, Jose Calderon (huh? Jose’ did it with the Raptors in 2007-08 though he was 16 free throws shy of achieving the league minimum in that category.)

 “You are looking live!” – Brent Musburger

 “I’ve paid my dues
Time after time.
I’ve done my sentence
But committed no crime.
And bad mistakes
I’ve made a few.
I’ve had my share of sand kicked in my face
But I’ve come through!”

 Not my favorite song but most appropriate, I think.

 Good night everybody!

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