Friday, Dec 2, 2016


 I hope you all had a joyous Thanksgiving Day. I know I did.

 Rogie Vachon, welcome to the NHL HOF. A hall of fame player with a hall of fame name.

Brian Kelly has got to go. The Notre Dame players are just not going all out. That’s on him.

The Jets and Colts on Monday Night Football. I guess that matchup looked good at some point??

The Atlanta Braves signed 43-year old, 800 lb. Bartolo Colon for a cool $12.5M. Let that sink in for a minute. (His head has to weigh 67 lbs!)

Mike Trout has led the AL in WAR for 5 years in a row. The only other player to do that? Babe Ruth

As part of the recently signed MLB Collective Bargaining Agreement, the All-Star game will no longer determine home field for the World Series. Instead, the team with the better regular season record will have home field. Now, I don’t have a better answer but is that it? The team with the better record against uncommon opponents??

Curt Schilling – “I would rather get into the Hall of Fame than win a Senate seat”

Red Sox Jackie Jensen (AL MVP in ’58) had his career come to an end due to his fear of flying.

I went to Google Tuukka Rask and his girlfriend came up. Whoa!

DYK the best web site to Google something is

Sorry but I can’t get off of Brian Kelly. Last week in ND’s final game, against USC, defensive lineman Jerry Tillery looked more like a Miami Hurricane than an ND Fighting Irishman. First, after a USC running back got clocked and was close to unconscious, Tillery casually walked by and kicked him in the head. Not hard but the intent was there. He later purposely stepped on a guy’s foot while he was down. What did Brian Kelly do? He reamed him out on the sideline, but then put him back in the game!! Not only should he have been benched but he’s a sophomore and should be suspended for at least the opener next season. Shame on Kelly.

DYK how many other rookies in MLB history have ever hit 26 or more homers, had at least 193 hits, whacked 40 doubles and matched or equaled the Dodgers’ Corey Seager’s slash line (.308/.365/.512)? Two: Albert Pujols in 2001 and Hal Trosky in 1934. Rookie of the Year? – yep.

Terry Francona, AL Manager of the Year, never started the same eight position players in the same eight positions for more than two games in a row all season.

Constellation Brands, the alcohol giant that sells Corona beer and Svedka vodka, is considering a new approach to livening up its beverages: marijuana. “We’re looking at it,” Constellation Chief Executive Officer Rob Sands said in an interview. “There are going to be alcoholic beverages that will also contain cannabis.” – Somewhere, Tommy Hart is smiling.

A wheelchair-bound teen who went viral after his photographer uncle shared a photo of him standing for the flag is in the news again, as a veteran-owned company who saw the photo has stepped forward to gift him with a standing wheelchair. Take that Kaepernick.

 RIP Carol Brady/Florence Henderson. Not RIP Fidel.

 What do I know but I thought the comeback player of the year went to a player that came back from an injury, not back from a year where he just sucked.

Kansas City’s Tyreek Hill turned a “hat trick” last Sunday night when he scored a receiving, rushing and kick return touchdowns. The last player to do that was Gale Sayers in 1965.

And in golf… Michael Plumlee, 27, of Denton, was one of four men putting on the 16th hole at the Indian Greek Golf Course in Carrollton when another group of men hit their ball onto the green at the same time. Plumlee threw the ball off the green as the second group was approaching. According to police, witnesses said that Kevin Sivilay hit Plumlee in the back of the head with a golf club. The Dallas Morning News reported that Plumlee fell to the ground and briefly lost consciousness. Sivilay allegedly continued his assault, hitting Plumlee a couple of more times while he was laying on the ground. According to KTVT-TV, Plumlee broke several ribs and suffered a brain injury. The 42-year-old was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and police said more charges could be coming. How is it that I find a small bit of humor in that??

Earlier this week, Claude Julien coached his 727th game for the Bruins, moving him past Milt Schmidt and into sole possession of second place on the franchise list behind Art Ross (772).

A lot of noise about the Brazilian soccer players killed in a recent plan crash. I get it, but there were other people killed in the crash too. Little news on them. As an aside, DTK, major sports leagues have contingencies for such disasters? I never woulda thunk it but they do. Some are very involved, some are not. Here’s the NBA’s rule –
A team that lost five or more players would select unprotected players from other franchises in a disaster draft. (not making this up)

So I was on the bus yesterday when a woman (blonde) sitting next to me began to sob. She was reading a newspaper and the headline read “11 Brazilian soccer players killed in plane crash.” I tried to console her but it was no good. She said, “This is unbelievable!” Then she turned to me and asked, very genuinely, “Do you know how many are in a brazilian??”

That’s all I got. Good night everybody!

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