Friday July 22, 2016

I watched a little of the Sox Wed. night on ESPN instead of NESN. Never found out who the color man was but he had a great line while the Sox were in the midst of their 5-run, 3rd inning and already were up 8-0. He said “Dave Righetti has already made so many trips to the mound that they’re going to have to re-sod the grass.”

DYK – Dave Righetti has been the Giants’ pitching coach since 2000? That’s a long time!

Is it me or does Drew Pomeranz have a little Baby Huey to him?

For those of us who couldn’t pull away from Stensen/Mickelson last Sunday – that was fun (for a while).

Now you know I’m not a NAZCAR fan by any means but I think what Jeff Gordon is doing is pretty cool.

Did you see Julien Edelman taking BP at Fenway? What a swing! (yes, he put at least one out over the Monstah)

Speaking of the Pats, Gronk is OUT OF HIS MIND! Just sayin’.

I’m making my first appearance this season at Fenway on Sunday. Do they still serve hotdogs and beer? (and peanuts. Gotta have peanuts)

As a public service – to all my daily fantasy fans who will soon be traveling to Saratoga on any of the upcoming weekends remember, no games in NY. Make sure you get your lineup(s) in before crossing the border. Nothing worse than taking the time to put your team together and then going to enter the contest only to be denied due to your location.

When are the Celtics going to make THAT trade?

So Haverhill Country Club lost upwards of 70 trees in this past week’s storm/microburst. (I heard the number is closer to 200) As one man put it, “Damn, fewer places to piss.” Now that’s a guy I can roll with!

Speaking of which, too bad we got some rain. Now I might have to mow the lawn in a couple of weeks.

The SF Giants have not won a game in Boston since 1915.

I’ve heard of a chicken coop, but Turkey??? (Roseann Roseannadanna could have run with that)

The baseballs are definitely juiced this year. Not only are the numbers up, but some of these guys (many) are hitting bombs! So what?!?! Would you prefer fewer homeruns?

“Dying all the time. Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind. In life unkind.”


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