Friday Aug 12, 2016

A-Rod, A-hole, whatever.

I am so uninterested that last night I flipped from an A-Rod at-bat to watch a men’s 200M Freestyle semi-final, with no Americans in it!

His last at-bat he hit a dribbler to the pitcher with the bases loaded. Thrown out at first on the fielder’s choice, he got the RBI and actually got high-fived by some of his teammates.

From Joe Castiglione, referring to the Yankees and A-Rod; “They are like the Kadashians of Major League Baseball.”

A-Rod, A-hole, whatever.

So Ichiro got his 3,000th hit. Good for him. He has the most hits in professional baseball history, not MLB history. So shut-up Pete. BTW, he played 9 seasons in Japan. That’s 25 total. Wow!

I admit I don’t get out much and had never heard of “cupping”? Maybe you already knew of the technique? Gross, I think –

Now I ain’t no NAZCAR fan but that is too bad about Bryan Clauson. Died from injuries suffered in a crash at age 27. (Look, I don’t know whether it’s NAZCAR or not but as far as I’m concerned anything to do with car racing is NAZCAR. Ya, I know it’s not a “Z”. Thanks.)

The Williams sisters lost their first ever Olympic doubles match, in the first round. DOH!

I read a headline on Wednesday – Ray Allen has contacted Celtics about a potential comeback.

Good to listen to a little bit of Vin Scully last weekend. Saw a pretty cool exchange between him and Ortiz. And good to see Nomar too.

Say what you want but I think Coach K has an easy job over in Rio. If he blows it, he blows it.

R.I.P. John Saunders (ESPN). He was good on The Sports Reporters. 30 years with ESPN. I bet not many can say that.

In other baseball news, the Salem Red Sox had 19 hits in three straight games last week. It’s true. 36 runs on 57 hits. Incredible.

Last Sunday’s cancellation of the NFL HOF game cost the Hall about $4M. The NFL should give the Hall at least that much. Embarrassing.

Benintendi. Hey, always exciting when a young kid gets his first chance, first hit, first RBI, etc. Let’s see how things play out. I’m rooting for him. (tough play last night though. Jeez!)

It’s hot out there folks. Force the fluids!

R.I.P. #2, Mr. Dick Riley. My buddy’s Dad for those who didn’t know him. Good guy.

“Like the way it gets me every time it hits me,
I’ve got a rock and roll, I’ve got a rock and roll heart.”

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